The People Project!

We are everywhere! The People Project is intended to show the many faces of veganism. We ask that anyone who would like to be featured on
this page submit a photo with their first name, location, and any other info that you want to share to Join The People Project. Let the world see
that vegans come from all walks of life and can be anyone, and hopefully someday, everyone.

Christine, Vineland, NJ
My occupation is Plant-Based Diet Coach and Personal Chef. I became vegan after the realization that my values were not congruent with my actions.
Victoria, Canada
Vegan for 9 years, vegetarian for 24years. Registered Holistic Nutritionist since 2001. Reasons: health, environment, animal welfare.
Eric, Missouri
Meat free since 1991 and vegan since 2003. I'm vegan because I believe all animals experience pain the same as we do and should not be abused. I also recognize the great impact on both the planet and our health caused by a meat and dairy based diet.
Dani, Norfolk, VA
I am vegan and loving it due to my passion for optimal health, love for animals, living cruelty-free and also for enriching and making Mother Earth a peaceful place for all creatures. - Love & Light
Lisa, Orange County
Became Vegan in Jan 2013. I became vegan because I have so much compassion for animals. A plant based lifestyle is very fulfilling to me. I feel healthier, stronger and have more energy than ever before.
Sandy, Michigan
I’m Deaf and fluency in ASL. Dietitian/Nutrition Program Instructor. I’m vegan since 2010. I was vegetarian for 4 years in 1979-1983 then semi-vegetarian with plant-based diet for 27 years. I’ll never eat any animal products again.
Cristi, New York City
I created Setting the Bone as a guide to mindful vegan living by aligning choices with beliefs. I wish to make mindful choices, to choose joy over remorse, life over death. I choose setting the bone over breaking it.
Rain, Chigago/New York
I am a very happy, free spirited, positive vegan for 23 years. I am a Chef & Certified Vegan Lifestyle Health Coach. Reason for being vegan: Spiritual reasons, the planet, animal rights.
Sant Godinez
Sant Godinez, Southern California
Both my wife and I switched to a Vegan diet in November of 2012 because we do not want to support an industry that kills life for profit!! We'll never go back to consuming any animal products whatsoever.
Shelley, Tom & Laurin Orton
Shelley, Tom & Laurin Orton, Ontario
I adopted veganism because of very painful arthritis in my hands. Within 2 weeks of cutting out the diary, I was pain-free!! No turning back. We as a family had been vegetarian for 20 years plus.
Luvina, Glendora California
I am Vegan because I love animals, and my 2 kids are vegan too. I have to tell them about love and respect for all beings. People shouldn't be hypocrites having pets at home and at the same time corpses in the refrigerator...
Dee, Pennsylvania
30 years as a Vegetarian, last 3 as a vegan. Mother of 4 (super healthy children)
Rachel, Charleston, SC
I am vegan for the animals! I don’t want to be a part of a system that causes harm and suffering. And I want to be an advocate for those without a voice.
Sally, Ohio/Georgia
I'm vegan because I want to live in a compassionate world. I've always had a close connection with animals and once I went vegan, I knew I was living my life honestly.
Eddie, Ireland
Reason for being vegan: all of them. we dont need animal products to live happy.
Brooke, Oregon
Vegetarian since birth and vegan for almost 3 years. I can't even imagine not having veganism in my life. It is such a big part of who I am. If I live in a fishing/hunting community and have managed my diet, it is possible for others to do it!
Peter, Belgium
I am currently doing a Yoga Teacher training and plan to organize vegan cooking workshops here in Brussels to coach people to inspire and help them make their personal transition to veganism.
Ruthie, Orange County, CA
Mom of 3, moderate liberal and full-time student studying culinary arts. Plant-strong since 6/16/12. Switched to a vegan diet for health reasons and love it! I work at a vegan restaurant and want to share what I know with others.
Pat, Boulder, CO
CLC and I am a Psychotherapist and healer, plus Vegan!
I became a Vegan for health reasons and due to my LOVE for animals.
Marketing Student, Nursing Assistant
I'm Vegan for my health, fitness, for the animals who have no voice, for my spirituality, EVERYTHING! I feel so in tune with LIFE living this Vegan Lifestyle:)
Angela, Reading, PA
"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - is my motto of choice right now. I became a vegetarian when I was nine, and finally woke up to the reality that I should be vegan, at 19. My primary reason for being a vegan is ethical!
Karl, San Francisco, CA
Shakuhachi player (and retired physicist). Can't think of any reasons not to be vegan. Have been a vegan for about 7 years and vegetarian before that for 20 years.
Virginia, Seattle
I am a vegan for myself, the environment but most of all, for the animals!
Janna, New York
I make videos, play video games, and get tattoos. I'm vegan because my body isn't a graveyard.
Audrey, New York
I love being vegan, creating vegan recipes, buying cruelty-free products, and supporting the animals and environment around us! We have fit into the world around us and work together in harmony...
Victoria, New York City
Vegan 29 years, for the animals
Author, Speaker, Vegan Lifestyle Coach, Director of Main St. Vegan Academy, a training program for Vegan Lifestyle Coaches
Tim, Australia
I am retired, a nomad going round looking for good in this world, and always happy meeting like-minded vegans during my travels.
I have been vegan since 2005.
Annabel, Germany
I'm vegan because I love animals- they are just amazing! The suffering of them literally causes me pain.... I am very cynical, I love weird dark humour... and I just started blogging!
Justin, Vancouver Island
I grew up a 4th generation cattle and hog rancher. Luckily in 2002 I learned better and adopted a vegan lifestyle for the animals, for the environment, for my health... for liberation.
Faye, Sydney
I've been vegan for around six years and I am vegan because I have respect for the preciousness of life. My websites are and
Emma, Brisbane, Australia/New York, USA
Singer-songwriter / musician / performer
I'm Vegan for my health, for the animals, for the people and for our beautiful planet.
Ryan, Newfoundland
Founder of T.O.F.U. magazine
I've been vegan for over six years now. I became vegan when I realized I should not eat what I could not kill with my own hands.
Rebecca, Orlando, FL
“Veganism is not a "sacrifice." It is a joy.” ― Gary L. Francione
I can't, in good conscience, contribute to industries that justify the killing of creatures or the destruction of the planet.
Suzette, RN, B-C, CPHQ
58 year old female Vegan for health reasons since 2010. Love it! Don't find it a challenge at all!
Roggie - Austin, TX
I am a very happy very vegan women open to meeting single vegan men and the right work partners interested in upping the ante in our ever-changing world.
Valentina - Port Washington, NY
Bruce - Washington, DC
Attorney. Vegetarian since 1979 and Vegan since 2002 because I believe in non-violence.
I became a vegan to support my wife's vegan choice so i guess i just kinda fell into it. im staying for all the good food and health benefits and the belief that nothing needs to suffer or be killed for me to eat really, really well.
Kim - Taos, NM
I'm vegan in diet and lifestyle, for the health of all concerned - myself, the animals, the planet, and all who share it. I cook and write to share the love, and feed my friends.
Marie - Rotterdam
I am a circus art student in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I am vegan for our planet and its beings who live on earth <3
Tina - NY & TX
Whole foods and plant based with my husband since December 2010. Being healthy was what started this but becoming vegan is about making the best moral and ethical choices. BE KIND - BE VEGAN!
Michael, Works in Management
Meat Free since 2008
Ethical-Vegan from Dec. 2012, until Death!
Volpe - California
Bay Area student, art model & registered Independent. I love art galleries, operas, thespian plays, wine-tastings, stargazing & yoga.Vegetarian for 10 years & now vegan for animals, the environment, health & spiritual reasons.
Aubrey - Austin, TX
I'm vegan to reduce cruelty, live longer, benefit this home (Earth) that we live on and because it feels damn good. I blog over at Project Lovegood.
Erja - Finland
Vegan for animals and environment & to promote compassion and love towards life.
Udoka - Dallas, TX
Veganism allows people to, maybe for the first time, explore what food really is and can be. This is my main reason why I am a huge advocate!
Cory - Ohio
There aren't animal products that are simultaneously good for environment, animals, and health.
Brie - Tennessee
Musician, liberal
I want to make every day the best it can be for myself, fellow humans, and animals. I feel better and more alive as a vegan. It's a great gift to feel more connected to my body and to the earth.
Daniel - California
I've been vegetarian since I was 12 now in 34 been raw vegan since February 2012 I do it for my love of all living animals.
Faye - Australia
Belly Dancer, teacher, Artist, Writer/Illustrator of children's educational books. I'm studying a Masters in Psychotherapy. Vegetarian since age 8; went vegan about 6 years ago.
Urosh- Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vegan, Freethinker, Human and non-human rights advocate
Christina - South Carolina
Vegan thanks to "Skinny Bitch". Read it & started learning about a vegan diet. My eyes were opened to the food industry & the torture the animals are being put through.I do not want to take part in such behavior.
Leanne - Australia
I'm vegan because I love animals.
Jan - Oregon After battling health issues, my husband and I became vegetarians. Today we enjoy a 100% plant-based diet. We've lost weight and my husbands blood sugar levels have improved by 30%!
Aletha and Matthew
Aletha & Matthew - Michigan
Graphic/Fiber Artists in Detroit
Vegan for combined 12 years Because we want to build a peaceful world. &
Corey - Texas
Vocals for Pat The Human
Political Views: Anarchist
Why I'm Vegan: Love, above all else is the reason I choose not to support genocide. Every sentient being is equal in my eyes.
Lydia - Michigan
I am a vegan chef, author and filmmaker. I've been with veganism a little over ten years and am in still in love with it. I'll never turn away from this lifestyle. It has meant so much to me.
Andrea - Texas
Research Design Assistant
Vegan for 3 years, because I love life and assume most do, aware or not. Its only logical! Mother nature gives us fruits and veggies, ready made fast food! Love Earth!
Madeline - California
Heather - Florida
Vegan for 5 months and counting :)
Dan & Brandie
Dan and Brandie - Washington
Katie - Virginia
Vegan for just 2 weeks (vegetarian for 9 months before). I was so intimidated to go vegan - I don't even know anyone else who is vegan! I know I have made the right decision for my health and for animals. My Blog!
Stephanie - New York
Vegan for health reasons, for the animals, for the world. Maintaining veganism through college for 7 months now.
Meaghan & Jordan
Meaghan & Jordan
North Carolina
Jordan has been vegan for over a year and I have been vegan for a few months. Supporting the livestock industry means supporting unsustainable eating practices as well as cruelty. My Blog!
Yann-Maël - Lorient, France
Musician / Pall-bearer
Vegan for 5 months I was vegetarian for 2 years before that. I'm vegan for ethical reasons, health, environment (pollution, water...), world hunger. My Blog!
Rose - UK
I'm from Brighton, but studying in Birmingham. I became a vegan originally for the challenge but the ethics and health reasons quickly became important to me as I learnt more.
Sharon - Mexico City
Studying Audio Engineering
I'm a vegan for animal rights. Animals can't speak for themselves and they suffer terribly. I'm not a supporter of animal cruelty and i'm a loud and proud vegan!
Lisa - New York
Originally vegan for health. After becoming educated in nutrition & learning about food production it saddened me to see animal abuse. Mostly, everyone I know is against animal cruelty, yet eats meat.My Blog!
Coimbra - Venezuela
(1 year) damn hard being a vegan over here, but I'm not giving up. they all need to know. It's hard to save the world, but you've got to start somewhere, right? ccocoismedicated
Crystal - California
I'm from California. I'm vegan for animal rights, health benefits, and environmental reasons. "Earthlings" and "Forks Over Knives" are the two movies that convinced me to go from vegetarian to vegan, and I'm so glad I did!
Stacey - California
Vegan because being vegetarian wasn't enough, and I want to live a cruelty-free life. :)
Kirstynne – Ohio
I became vegan for ethical, moral, and nutritional reasons…and I've never felt better!
Laura - Austrailia
My Blog: No Whey!
I'm vegan because I can't bear the immense cruelties involved in the animal/food trade, I also find it to be the easiest way to be respectful of nature.
Lauren - Nebraska
Studying theatre
Vegan for health, ethics, the planet, everything!
Catherine _- United States
My Blog: RanVeganess
'Pure Love' for the animals and the earth is why I am vegan. <3
Kasey - Florida
Wife and mother, nonprofit administrator, nature lover, vegan. Became vegan out of love and respect for all life; the vast improvement in my health was a bonus. Contributor to This Dish is Veg. Blog at VeggieMightee.
Brisbane, Australia
Viva la Vegan!
I'm Vegan because it's the best way I can lead by example to encourage compassion, respect and to promote all the things I agree with: the rights of all beings!
Blair - Connecticut

I'm vegan because I'm against damage, destruction, and waste.
Kimberly - Florida
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages." Thomas Edison
Maynard - Massachusetts
Harvard School of Public Health, Bioethics, Population Health (Global Health and Population)
Wikipedia "AboutMe"
Blog Link
Google profile
Robin - Virginia
cookbook author Vegan for more than 20 years. I love animals - I don't eat them.
Bea - Florida
Blog I live in Central Florida. Vegan since 1/2/2008 - Was a vegetarian prior to learning about the cruelty in eggs and dairy. My goal is to advocate for nonhumans and social justice issues whenever and where ever I can.
Bob - Florida
Facebook I'm vegan because being the subject of a life confers moral status that must be respected. I'm a writer and editor, and on the boards of both Florida Voices for Animals and The League of Humane Voters, Florida.
Amanda - Florida
Blog: Hungry Vegan Traveler
I've been meat-free since 1995 and vegan since 2004. My dream is to travel the globe and explore all the beauty (and delicious vegan food) the world has to offer.
Ilona - Częstochowa (Poland)
Vegan a few months but I know I'll stay it forever. I don't eat animals beacause I love animals. Animals are my friends not my food & Veganism is the healthiest diet!
Carrie - California
I'm a graduate student in public health nutrition and a future registered dietitian. I'm vegan because I love and respect animals, the planet and my health. I write a blog with healthy, plant-based recipes at Carrie on Vegan.
Kelly - Pennsylvania
Vegan since 1-1-11, but an aspiring vegan long before. Because no animal should have to suffer so that we can have things we don't need.
My blog.
Cailin - Texas
I view animals as just as deserving of life as human beings, and I love knowing that I can make a difference in an animal's life each day by choosing not to eat, wear or use animal products.
Nikki - Buffalo NY
Nursing student
Vegan for ethical, environmental and health reasons.
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" — Hippocrates
Shannon - Florida
Freelance writer & photographer Vegan for ethical, environmental, and health reasons.
Raven Whitman New York City I never eat anything I think I can have a conversation with.
South Yorkshire, England.
Vegan for the animals, enviroment and for better health. Absolutly love being vegan :-)
My Blog
Rulian - California
5 years old
Baby mouse and hamster socializer/foster parent
Wee Companions
"I was born vegan. Eating animals is bad because you are killing life.
Danielle Elliot
New York, NY/Kona, Hawaii
Producer, Writer
I'm vegan for me - for energy and overall wellness.
Nathan - Franklin,TN
Writer, recent college grad planning on library school Christian anarchist/pacifist in the tradition of Leo Tolstoy; committed Christian in faith and practice. Vegan for animal rights since April 3, 2007; abolitionist perspective.
Laura - Massachusetts
Handbag designer, behind the cruelty-free, handmade handbag label, Pansy Maiden. Vegan for 2 years and vegetarian for 11, because it makes the most sense for the health of animals, our Earth, and my own body.
Kathy - Sydney, Australia Vegan for health, environment and love for animals.
Author and blogger
Stacey - Missouri
Vegan since November of 2010 for my health originally, then studied where my food came from which led to enlightenment about animal suffering and the poisoning of our environment and social issues.
Geanna - Oregon
Librarian and a writer.
My Blog: Green Vegan Living
Vegan for health and because it just seems right.
Melissa - Florida
Spa Industry
It is my compassion towards animals and my passion for life that has made me a Vegetarian since I was 14 and Vegan for 4 years.
Tabitha - Indiana
Inner City Teacher Loving: yoga, running, riding bikes, music, large cities, farmers' markets, supporting local economy, the Colts, writing, and blogging Vegan for the health of my body and my planet.
I work at one of my local Co-Ops, but dream of becoming a successful Singer and Actor. Went Vegan almost 6 years ago. Started Vegan Heartland in 2011. Being Vegan has so changed my life in so many positive ways!
Heidi - Noosa, Australia
The Abolitionish Approach Vegan for the planet, vegan for my health, but most importantly vegan because it is the morally right thing to do!
Roggie & Mom
Roggie Baer - Texas
Austin music booking agent
vegan since 1983 for the animals, you, me and our planet, I have raised a vegan daughter and I am now working on my Mother pictured with me here.
Linda - Pennsylvania
Registered Nurse Disease Management & Health Coach
Newly vegan, inspired by Dr. Neal Barnard on PBS. My mission is to educate others on changes that can transform health.
Christina - Ontario
I'm a self employed mom of two,(selling romance and fun enhancing adult products)Blog
Went vegetarian to reduce toxins in my breastmilk and for the environment, vegan because milk and eggs contribute to animal suffering.
Karen - Florida
Licensed clinical social worker. Vegan for over a year, vegetarian for more than 5. I find eating meat distasteful & dislike the treatment of animals raised for food. I think a vegan diet is most healthful.
Casey - California
Professor of National Security Decision Making
Proud Republican
Vegan for health, environment, economics, ethics and for my son's future!
Bob - California
Conservative, Marine Corps Officer, Founder of the Kairos Coalition and VegHeads of Monterey Bay Vegan for the animals, but realized it is the best path to a sustainable environment & optimal health.
Derek & Marcella
Derek & Marcella
Derek: Personal Trainer, Plant-Based Nutritionist, Bodybuilder (4 yrs vegan) Marcella: Actuary and aspiring Figure Competitor (10 yrs vegan) Vegan for health and on principle. Blog
Ryan - Newfoundland
Founder of the vegan magazine, T.O.F.U. | Restless wanderer. I've been vegan for over four years now. I went vegan because I realized I should not eat what I could not kill with my own hands.
Beryl - California
Went vegetarian 40 years ago, vegan 1-1/2 years ago. My dogs are vegan too. I don't eat my friends & all animals are my friends. Love Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA & Animal Place in Grass Valley, CA.
Corran - Brighton, England
I have been Vegan for 3 years. I went Vegan for ethical reasons. I was vegetarian for 6 years before that.
Jennifer - California
Project Manager, forager, atheist, Democrat, green vegan, foodie & blogger: "Live Green, Wear Black"
Buy local produce, grow some greens & stay away from ready-made frozen meals.
Daniel - Tel-Aviv, Israel
Vegan since 1995
I'm vegan because it's the only way to live! creator of the only animal rights TV program in Israel.
Molly - California
I work for a vegan restaurant called Nature's Express. I have been vegetarian for 30 years (my whole life) and vegan for 2 years. After 2 weeks of being vegan I wanted to kick myself for not doing it sooner.
Antonio - London
I blog about green issues for
and contribute to Brazilian animal rights news agency ANDA.
Marta Kasprzyszak-Picken, 28 Social Worker, Health & Fitness Enthusiast & Co-Vlogger FitForTwo.TV I live in Ontario, Canada with my veggie husband & 2 puggles. Vegan for animals and planet first, & health second.
Barnet - Oregon
New World Veg
Dedicated to empowering vegetarians everywhere! Vegan for many reasons, but compassion for animals is #1. Vegan world = compassionate world.
Vanessa - Antibes, France.
Vegan for almost 7 yrs now Vegetarian 7 yrs before that. I'm vegan because I love life.
Russell - Texas
Unitarian Universalist Minister
My site.
I was vegetarian for many years but went vegan initially for health reasons. I wish I'd made the switch much sooner for the animals.
Shaundra - Arizona
20 years old, Scientific researcher & professional musician. Vegan for my fellow creatures & for ethical scientific advancement.
Vegan since 2010, vegetarian since 2008.
Louise - South Africa
Commissioning engineer; ethical vegan; 13 years vegan, 13 years vegetarian before that.
Kate and Aaron
Kate St. John & Aaron Ross
Kate vegan for 3 yrs,
Aaron for 9 years.
The Animal Awareness Project
We are animal rights activists and vegan for ethical reasons
Carla - Brighton, England
Veggie since 1994 and became Vegan 6 years ago. It's the best thing I have ever done. I went Vegan for the animals and have since found many more very good reasons.
Cheryl - Stockholm, Sweden
Passion: Roller Derby
Quote: "When you label me, you negate me." -- Kierkegaard
Reason for being vegan: Nothing else makes sense. I do it for environmental, moral and health reasons.
Patricia & Jason
Patricia and Jason Robinson
Vegan for ethical, moral, environmental, and health reasons.
Katie - Maryland
Manager/Marketing at
Great Sage
Enjoys taking photographs.
I Like All These Things
Vegan for ten years, loves helping others learn to live a healthier life and eat better!
Andy - Maryland
Student/Musician/Server at Great Sage.
Vegan for health, environment, and most importantly the animals! Love animals don't eat them!
Heather - Maryland
Student/Server at Great Sage
"I'm vegan because I don't think anyone should die or suffer in order for me to live!"
Mike - Maryland
Food expo and aspiring bartender at Great Sage.
Future Pro-Triathlete.
Bikes everywhere!
"I've devoted my life to a healthy lifestyle and a vegan diet makes me feel good."
Benjamin - Texas
10 years old.
I've been vegan for 5 years and I love it. I was vegetarian but I am allergic to dairy & animal cruelty. So we are all healthy vegans now.
May the force be with you.
Emily - Tennessee
Vegetarian for years for ethical reasons; went vegan for the environment & animal rights a year ago. I love to cook, & started to really pursue it after going vegan.
The Vegan Home Chef.
Susie - California Vegan mother, lover, artist and "Hemp Foodie" I live on the Northern Cali Coast w/ a bunch of dogs, two Veggie Kids and one tall Veggie Partner. Inspiring a Hemp Food Revolution One Bite At a Time! Hemp Foods
Regina - Illinois
Mountain bike racer and vegan food blogger.
Girl Goes Vegan
@mtbVegan on twitter
Vegan since 2008 for myself and for all living creatures.
Paula - Oslo, Norway.
Veterinarian. Atheist. Age 47
Politically, I'm GREEN.
Passions: Astronomy&science, Biology
I'm vegan for the Planet,
how couldn't I be?
Chris - British Columbia
PPC Search Specialist and Photographer
Okanagan Photography
I'm vegan for myself (health), everyone else (environment) and the animals(ethics).
Mike Funk - Florida
Vegetarian for 4 years and vegan for 2. I'm a marathoner and run ~50 miles a week.
Originally for health reasons but once I learned more I went vegan for animal rights.
left to right : Sumaiyah, Melissa and Shoshana
Melissa: Vegan since 2003
I became a vegan for health and spiritual reasons
Founder of Black, Green and Veg
Amanda - Iowa
New vegan - since June 2010
Vegan for health and ethics
Food Blogger: Vegacious
Kerry - Texas
Domestic Goddess
Tree Hugging Liberal
The Zen Vegan
Mary Ann
Mary Ann - Colorado
Vegan for the animals, my health and the environment.
Animal Liberation = Human Liberation
Andrea - Lincoln UK
41, Vegan for nearly 4 years, veggie for 25 years before that. I respect animals far too much to want to exploit or harm them in any way. Single mum to 2 veggie sons and a vegan daughter.
Daisy, - Lincoln, UK
2 years old
Vegan since I was conceived, thanks to my vegan Mummy. Happy, healthy, ahead of my age developmentally, I love all our rescued pets: 7 cats, 6 chickens and 8 guinea pigs.
Gary & Clara
Gary & Clara - Texas
Vegans for Health & lovin' it!
Adele - Newcastle
Vegan for 17 years. At the age of 8 I saw a cow slaughtered. I devoted my life to making sure no animal is sacrificed at the hands of man. Co-creating a New Earth via Rainbow Ark & Lifescape Mag.
Anika - Washington
Vegan since 1993
My blog, Seattle Vegan Score
Vegan to not be part of the abuse and suffering of animals. Like: fashion, art, food, sharing, DIY/DIT, music, Kirby, and dominoes.
Lesli Baker - 40 yrs old
Vegan for 5 years. A single mom, retail clothing store manager, & a Burlesque performer. I went Vegan to lose weight. However, I lost both of my parents to cancer. Veganism may save my life.
Hayden Davis - 8 Years old.
Vegan for 1 1/2 years.
I see no difference between a dog, cat, cow or a chicken and I would never eat my dog.
Melissa Bastian - New York
writer, artist, zinester, blogger, Vegan Etsy Team co-captain
Vegan since 2006, as a boycott against a system which I cannot support.
Too many Combined , New York in Green and Vegan Etsy
Butterflies Katz -New Zealand
Vegan for over 3 decades
The Vegan Truth Vegan Poet Gentle World
Vegan 32 years. I don't believe in oppressing & enslaving other sentient animals with the capacity to suffer.
Kelly - Georgia
Baker / Writer/ Photographer
eat & talk
Vegan for ethics and health
Nahum - Illinois
Business Owner
Ste Martaen
I'm vegan because anything else would be uncivilized.
Susmitha - Bangalore, India
Being Vegan is a loving, respectful, healthy, awesome and extremely positive way to live life. It's a no brainer!
Do the happy dance and the reason to do so will follow.
Alesandra - California
Entrepreneur and Healthy Lifestyle Advocate
Vegan for optimal health, low environmental impact and compassion for all living things.
Sandra - Sedona
Became vegan 25 years ago to restore health. Stayed vegan because it's the healthiest for our planet and all who inhabit it.
Stuart - Arizona
Family physician and
Lifestyle Medicine specialist, author, and educator.
Vegan for health, the environment, and all living creatures.
Emily - Arizona
Went vegan for my health, stayed vegan because I love living an everyday life that is aligned with my beliefs.
Grad student pursuing my M.Ed in Special Education
Mercedes - St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles
Vegan thanks to the movie "EARTHLINGS". Vegan for Ethics, Health, the Environment and for my taste buds.
Bonnie, Toronto, Canada
Writer and Editor
Went vegan in 2006 after meeting a little white duck & learning just how powerful animal spirits are.
Littlewhiteduck's Blog - Vegan Bonnie - Bonnies Ducks
Rolanda - United Kingdom
Director of
EVOLVE! Campaigns
Mother to Chris.
Vegan for the animals and because it's morally the right thing to do!
James - United Kingdom
Retired Spinal Specialist
and Director of
EVOLVE! Campaigns
Step-father to Chris.
Vegan for over 50 years, 100% for the animals! Good health is merely a bonus!
Chris - United Kingdom
Youth Contact for
EVOLVE! Campaigns
14 years old, vegan for 6 years, vegetarian before that. Vegan because of animal cruelty. "Once you know the truth you can never turn back."
Marty - New York
Charter Pilot
Marty's Flying Vegan Review
Veg for about 18 years and vegan since June '10.
Celeste Osborne
Vegan for 1½ years
Because I realized I could enjoy life better without exploiting animals.
Kristen Ohanyan - Texas
President & Co-Founder
Vegan Society of P.E.A.C.E.
"VEGFest Houston" (2011)
Vegan for the Animals, for the Earth, for ethics (animal & human rights), for peace, compassion and nonviolence
DJ Alkimist - Washington, DC
DJ Alkimist
DJ Alkimist on YouTube
Vegan for the animals, the environment, and myself.
Jessie - Florida
Blog: Bites and Pieces
Reason for being vegan: First and foremost for animal ethics. The environmental and health benefits are an added bonus!
Sophia - Massachusetts
Vegan musician
Do Not Forsake Me
Oh My Darling

Vegan for the planet.
Tejas Gokhale - Ireland
Lacto-Vegetarian whole life before going vegan.
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated" - M. Gandhi
Vegan for animal rights
Danica - Washington
Ex-Scientist & current Vegan Food Blogger
Veganism is not only the most compassionate approach to life, but the best way to respect myself and the world.
Marzia - Texas
Eco friendly trainer and certified nutritionist
Vegan for health, ethics, and the environment
Jaime - Washington, DC
Media Liaison, PETA
Vegan for health, the animals and the environment
Tamara - California
(via Huntsville, Alabama) Librarian
Became vegan November 2009 Vegan because I believe that animals deserve to be treated with dignity & respect.
Alec Pedersen - California
Financial Advisor & Film & Music Producer
Link to my site
Saw the film Earthlings, & became vegan to practice compassion. Never have I felt better or thought more clearly.
Angela - Texas
Vegan for the love of animals.
Cari - Ohio
Vegetarian for 24 years.
Vegan for 14. For compassion.
Raising my son vegetarian.
Noelle - Michigan
Opera Singer in the Kitchen
Singer, clincal analyst and vegan since 2009 - for vocal health, weight loss and energy
Will - Pennslyvania
Vegan for over 2 years
Vegetarian for 8 yrs prior Vegan for the world.
Kerry - West Virginia
Trainer Vegan Mentor
The Humane Party
Vegan for health, Abolition of Animal Slavery, the environment, & my Spirituality My Religion: Truthism. Where Veganism is Mandatory.
Angela - Sydney, Australia
(via Ottawa, Canada)
15-year vegan, primarily for ethical reasons, but the health reasons are a great bonus. Veganism isn't just for hippies - it can be glamorous too!
JL Kale
JL - New York
Marathoner and triathlete
JL Goes Vegan: Food & Fitness with a side of Kale
Crissie - Virginia
IT Director
Vegetarian 10 years, Vegan for 4 - Vegan for farmed animals, health, animal and environmental activism.
To be a healthy Mom for as long as I can!
Paul - Texas
Finance Director & Juggler/Unicycler
Became Vegan in March 2010 - feeling great since then. My girlfriend suggested it. It made immediate sense. Vegan for health, weight loss and energy
Meggan - California
Vegan for Animals, the Planet, Health, Political Reasons & the Benefit of my Soul
Lori - California
Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach, Physical Therapist
Live The Balance
Vegan for all the sentient beings that don't have a say in the matter!
Kate - California
Cooking and nutrition instructor for
The Cancer Project
Kevin - California
The Skateboard DVD Source
"Hot springs & skateboarding
are the fountain of youth"
Vegan for Health, Ethics
and the Environment
Vegetarian 4 Years Prior to Vegan - Vegan 10 Years
Ethical Reasons - Farming Practices
Jody - Wisconsin
Owner of
mom to the best babies
in the world:
my teachers, my loves, the reason buykind exists --
Buffalo, Chocolat, Shante,
Zing Zing and Gizelley-belle
Estelle - Texas
Retired teacher and
office manager
We are vegan for health and compassion reasons
Alecia A. Lott
"Homeless" but originally
from Cincinnati, OH
Flight attendant, food blogger
Bang-Bang's Quest
for Yay, Yum, and Yes

Three year vegan, searching
for the world's greatest falafel
Allison - California
Owner of Allison's Gourmet:
Vegan Organic Bakery,
Confectionary, & Gift Boutique
and Vegan Mama to Olivia
Vegan for EVERY reason!
Erica Meier - DC
Executive Director, Compassion Over Killing
To help build a kinder, cleaner, and healthier world
for all animals
Steven - California
fundraiser for microcredit programs to fight poverty Vegetarian since 1988
Vegan since 2000
Vegan for every reason
Paige - California
Writer of veggie blog
"Turn the Paige"
Refugee non-profit employee
Lifelong vegetarian (vegan last 20 years) for animals, planet, health
Marko - Illinois
Audit Manager
Ethical Vegan
Alexa - California
The Citizen Diplomacy Council of San Diego
Vegetarian for 4 years
Vegan for three months
Became vegan for ethical reasons (animals) first & after learning more, health too.
Jennifer - Texas
Freelance Writer/Foodie
Stay-At-Home Mom
Bankrupt Vegan
Vegan for Health, but the Ethical and Environmental
side effects are nice too!
Katherine - Texas
Chef & Cooking Instructor
Plant Based Health
The Cancer Project
Vegan for Health & Ethics
Isis - California
Chef & Sales
17 yrs being Vegan
Mother of 2 Vegan Kids
ages 12 and 16
Vegan for Health, Ethics
and the Environment
Vegan Family
Lucas, Rachel, and Casey
R.N. & Nutrition Counselor.
Vegan 7 years & raw/vegan 1½ years. Casey & Lucas have been vegan 5 years
Vegan for Health, the Animals, & the Planet!
Noah - Maryland
Vegan for the Animals, the Environment, and my Family
Stephanie - California
Vegan Mainstream
(a Vegan Marketing Company)
Vegan for Health; Ethics; Love; Make The World A Better Place
Janice - California
Author and consultant
The Perfect Formula Diet Vegan for health, the animals, and the planet
Brian - California
The Sexy Vegan
Vegan for Earth

Tracy - California
Plant-based Cooking Instructor with The Cancer Project, PCRM and Veg-Appeal
Veg since 1977,
Vegan since 1991.
Vegan for All Reasons
Debbi - District of Columbia
Special Events and Mom
Vegetarian since 1977,
vegan for the last 5 years.
Vegan for my health,
animals, and the planet.
Jehan - Louisiana
Tree Spirit Brokerage/Products for Organic Living
Co-founder of Nola Veg Fest
Vegetarian 20 years, Vegan 2
Vegan for animals and health
"Geaux Veg!"
Jennifer - Illinois
Not for Profit
Ethical Vegan
Ben - California
Student , but soon to
be an Accountant
Vegetarian whole life,
Vegan for about 11 years
Vegan for health
Kezia - California
Public relations executive
Vegan for animal rights
Tyler January Fosse
Writer & Bookkeeper
What reason is there to NOT be vegan?
Christy Morgan - California
The Blissful Chef
Vegan for the health of
my mind, body, & spirit, the animals, and environment.
Love and compassion
for all beings
William - New Brunswick, Canada
Hotel Front Desk
Ethical Vegan
(Animal Rights)
Christina - Quebec, Canada
Freelance writer & translator
Vegan for the animals,
for myself, for those I love,
and for the environment
Julie - Florida
Food Writer, Photographer
Julie's Raw Ambition
Vegan for Health, the Environment, and Animals
Kaz - Texas
Event Planner
Independent dog rescuer
Ethical Vegan
Julieanna - California
Registered Dietician
and Health Expert
Vegan for health, animals
and the environment
Tom - Tennessee
Claims Adjuster
Ethical Vegan
Betsy - Virginia
Vegan for life
Inga - Hawaii
50 yr old vegan with 50 yr old vegan (plumber) husband
Mother of 5 children
Christian - Republican
Vegan for health
Melissa - Minnesota
Vegan for the animals
and for the planet
Nanette - Austin, TX
Vegan for Health, ethics
and a better world
Jonathan - Texas
Vegan for animal rights, environmental, and health reasons
Sue - Texas
Owner of Counter Culture
Vegan Food Trailer
Ethical Vegan
Nikki - Kansas
Nonprofit Fundraiser
Mom of two vegan kids
Vegan for animals, people,
and the earth
Nick - Kentucky
Marketing Assistant & Student
Being vegan just makes sense.

Carley - Texas
Vegan for Health, Ethics
and the Environment

Maria - Texas
Vegan for Health
Ed Smith
Ed - Texas
Oil & Gas
Caballos del Conquistador
Vegan for Health
Amanda Smith
Mandy - Texas
Amanda Smith Images
Website Founder
Vegan for the World